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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kodak Opens New Asia Pacific Technology Center in Shanghai

Kodak opened its new Asia Pacific Technology Center in Shanghai to bring together the company's breakthrough technology platforms for the printing industry in Asia. The facility, which kicked-off construction in early 2014, combines demonstrations of Kodak's leading printing platforms and solutions, a training center for employees, customers and printing sector partners, and showcases through winning applications, successful new business models.

Kodak Chief Executive Officer Jeff Clarke said, "It is a great privilege for Kodak to serve our customers in China. With the opening of our new technology center in Shanghai, we commit to continuously deliver to our commercial imaging and printing customers breakthrough capabilities that add efficiency, quality, reliability, and sustainability to your operations, while introducing creative business models that add value to your enterprise."

The range of technology on demonstration at the new 1000 square meter Center includes Kodak Sonora Process Free Plates, Kodak Trendsetter 800, Kodak Flexcel NX System (5080W), Kodak Nexpress Digital Production Color Press, Kodak Prosper S10 Imprinting System, and Kodak Prinergy Workflow Print Production Software 

"The debut of the Kodak Technology Center reinforces Kodak's commitment to our customers and to advancing the growth and sophistication of commercial imaging," said Lois Lebegue, Managing Director, Kodak Asia Pacific. "We hope that our customers and other printing professionals will find the immersive and educational experience at the center inspiring, as they explore how advanced imaging technology is creating profitable new business models."

Visitors to the Center, which is located on the ground floor of the Shanghai headquarters of long-time Kodak customer, Jielong Industry Group, will be able to work one-on-one with Kodak technology specialists. With a focus on learning, the specialists will provide visitors with interactive demonstrations of groundbreaking technology, like Sonora Process Free Plates and Kodak Prosper S10 Imprinting System. Innovative new applications, including printing security solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Food Labeling sectors, will be on showcase for visitors to explore and be inspired by what's possible for the future growth of their businesses.

Bing Wang, Managing Director, Kodak China, commented: "Shanghai is an ideal location for our technology center, providing quick access to our customers across China and Asia Pacific. We are extremely grateful to our strategic partners and the government agencies who have helped Kodak realize this important initiative. The Center also expands on our commitment to the market, including our state of the art manufacturing facility in Xiamen, where we recently expanded the sites capabilities to produce Sonora Plates. China is also home to a significant number of R&D professionals, a reflection of the immense talent in this market, who are contributing to major technology advancements in commercial imaging technology."