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Monday, September 22, 2014

LaserSecure technology by Schreiner ProSecure identifies counterfeits by means of invisible features in the ink

Schreiner ProSecure with its LaserSecure technology offers manufacturers comprehensive protection of their products against counterfeiting. Authentication by means of the time-tested technology has now become even more reliable and faster due to a new generation of readers. They detect unique optical fingerprints incorporated in the inks used for LaserSecure, which enables the identification of discrete product items, grades or types of products. Authenticity can be verified either by a quick check or a forensic measurement technique.

In 2013, customs officials at the EU’s borders confiscated 36 million faked goods equating to an original value of 768 million euros. The steadily growing threat posed by product counterfeiting calls for solutions that make it possible to easily detect fakes along the value chain and to take them out of circulation. Schreiner ProSecure assists manufacturers in protecting their products against counterfeiting and tampering – from an initial analysis of potential risks and selection of the appropriate security technologies through to the provision of the required authentication equipment. LaserSecure is a time-tested anti-counterfeiting technology, which now offers even higher security thanks to new reading equipment.

Invisible pigments provide proof of authenticity
For the LaserSecure solution, so-called ‘taggants’ are inconspicuously incorporated into a printing ink and processed in screen, flexo, letterpress or offset printing. The pigments are very robust, light resistant, durable and chemically inert, in other words resistant to liquids and acids, and toxicologically harmless. They withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius. The odorless and colorless taggants can subsequently be analyzed on the product for authentication purposes by means of dedicated readers.

The threat scenario determines the protection technology
LaserSecure technology is primarily designed for authentication by experts. Schreiner ProSecure has now further developed the technology and combines these features to create customized LaserHighSecure profiles. Their unique optical fingerprint identifies discrete product items, grades or product types.

Testing and reading technology for maximum reliability
Schreiner ProSecure provides three different authentication devices to prove the presence of the covert security features. The devices can either be used to determine the mere presence of the security feature in a quick test or to perform a detailed analysis of various emission properties of the pigment components as a forensic measuring technique.

Customized security solutions instead of standard products
Early involvement of Schreiner ProSecure’s anti-counterfeiting experts in the product development process enables them to address a manufacturer’s specific requirements using a targeted approach. Therefore, it makes sense to think about marking solutions for authentication purposes as early as in the concept stage. Schreiner ProSecure will analyze the specific threat scenario of a brand owner or product and, based on this analysis, select the most suitable security technologies.