Eminence Business Media

Eminence Business Media

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Erhardt + Leimer’s vision technology arouses strong interest among visitors at LabelExpo 2014

Erhardt+Leimer’s Nyscan 100% Print Inspection System captivated attendees with its newly released user interface. The stunning new interface has been completely redesigned with the user in mind. “The first thing attendees noticed about the new system was the ease of navigation in the modern GUI. It’s more intuitive, well organized, and a pleasure to view”, says Gordon Grissom, E+L’s inspection division manager. “During the design phase, we conducted exhaustive user tests to ensure that it met our goals, which were to deliver a simpler and more effective system to our customers”. 

Attendees also observed that the new Nyscan was designed to provide a consistent user experience across all of Erhardt+Leimer’s vision products. This assures operators can easily adapt to E+L’s technology whether it be 100% Print Inspection, Web Viewing, or Missing Label Detection.

With its fast set-up, clear presentation of defect data, and the ability to integrate an entire production process into its Workflow concept, Nyscan can provide a solution for most any production environment.  By using data obtained during print inspection, the system can control a finishing machine by automatically and accurately placing defects at the splicing table. Further, this is achieved without the need for special marks, flags, or labels. From prepress through finishing, E+L’s Workflow solution provides the tool for quality control.