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Monday, September 15, 2014

Xeikon launches the Web Varnishing Module that brings major productivity and optimization improvements

Xeikon Web Varnishing Module
Xeikon has expanded the inline finishing options available for its digital presses with the development of the Web Varnishing Module, an extremely versatile unit that can apply UV or aqueous varnish on one side of a wide range of substrates. These substrates include self-adhesive label materials, coated papers, unsupported films and coated paper board. This new and compact unit will have its worldwide launch on the company’s booth 6135 at Labelexpo Americas 2014 and will be commercially available from early 2015.

“The label and folding carton industries employ a wide range of varnishes, from matt to super gloss, and these can have a huge impact on the appearance, feel and quality of the final printed product,” says Filip Weymans, Director - Business Development and Marketing, Labels and Packaging, Xeikon.

One of the big advantages of the new inline module is that the operator can see the results immediately and can make any corrections, if required, in order to achieve the desired effect. This eliminates the high expense and job delays when varnishing is done off-line and the entire job has to be reprinted if the end result is not acceptable.

The web varnishing module runs inline with the Xeikon 3000 Series of presses (at full press speeds) and the print roller can be changed easily to match the repeat or width of the job being printed. In addition to applying the flood or spot varnish, the unit can be upgraded with a UV dryer and/or aqueous dryer.

“We are constantly expanding the components of our Label and Packaging “Suites”, which include defined sets of software, equipment, consumables and/or substrates to complement our digital presses. This enables our customers to pick and build the best digital production solutions for their specific business needs,” says Weymans. “The Web Varnishing Module is an important addition to our Suites, enabling further optimization of the processes and workflows used by printers and converters. We are convinced that the ability to apply spot aqueous varnish makes the module the ideal fit for folding cartons, which require varnish-free areas for glue strips and production data. The module is an extremely compact solution to apply spot varnish. In addition, we expect most users to also install the optional cutter and use the Xeikon stacker to create a phenomenally efficient production line.”

For the self-adhesive market, the application of flood UV varnish in combination with Xeikon VariLane, simplifies the entire production process. This is because the off-line die-cutting can be carried out at the full speed of the die cutter. Xeikon’s VariLane software enables different sized labels to be printed in lanes on the web with the greatest optimisation of material and press capacity. When used in combination with the Web Varnishing Module, it is possible to apply varnish with one roller across the entire width of the substrate, as opposed to having to swap between different rollers when the process is carried out off-line.

Visitors to Labelexpo Americas will be able to see demonstrations of a Xeikon 3500 digital press equipped with a Web Varnishing Module in the Package Printing Zone. The unit will apply aqueous spot varnish, inline with a cutter and stacker. On the Xeikon booth, visitors will be able to watch a Web Varnishing Module apply flood UV varnish, inline with the new groundbreaking Xeikon Cheetah press.