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Monday, October 11, 2010


The Dow Chemical Company's expanded family of OPTICITE Roll-Fed shrink label films has a new high performance shrink label film designed to shrink in steam. The Opticite 41 Roll-Fed Shrink Label Film enables up to 50 percent shrink in the machine direction, conforming well on highly contoured containers made of glass, metal or plastic in shrink tunnels using steam. 
The use of these advanced high-shrink roll-fed label films can enable you to:

  • Select an efficient and economical method for shrink label application
  • Eliminate more costly shrink sleeve label machinery and operations
  • Improve the end output of existing roll-fed shrink label applications
  • Adjust non-shrink roll-fed label equipment to produce both shrink and non-shrink labels
Apart from this steam-activated shrink label film that was added to Dow’s high performance Opticite line, Dow's other products include the Opticite 48 Roll-Fed Shrink Label Film and Opticite 61 Roll-Fed Shrink Label Film, which shrink up to 35% in hot air. Dow’s label films can support the outstanding point-of-sale (POS) differentiation, which brand owners are looking for today, combined with cost effective application. Opticite Roll-Fed Shrink Label Films are suitable for existing and evolving roll-fed shrink labeling technology that can offer highly effective full body labeling. The films are suitable for use with traditional hot melt adhesive, solvent, or ultra-violet curable adhesive, as well as with laser and hot bar systems.

Opticite Roll-Fed Shrink Label Films can help extend your options in package design and label application. These new high performance label films allow you to achieve the efficiencies and advantaged economics of roll-fed label applications, while providing the graphic appeal of medium-to-high-shrink sleeve labels. In combination with the excellent printability and high clarity of polystyrene films, all Opticite Roll-Fed Shrink Label Films offer minimal cross-direction shrinkage and low shrink force to produce a finished label with crisp, smooth graphics. They can provide the eye-catching appeal of full-body contoured labels using high speed roll-fed equipment while reducing off-line seaming and inspection steps typical in the production of traditional transverse-direction shrink sleeves.