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Eminence Business Media

Friday, October 15, 2010


During their visit to Ipex 2010, Namma Int'l Digitec "NDigitec" finalized its agreements with EskoArtwork on the purchase of four CDI Spark 4835 digital flexo plate imagers, along with a range of software solutions including HD Flexo, Automation Engine 10 workflow server software, Plato imposition tools, FlexProof, Color Engine software for color management and WebCenter for web based project management and pre-production approval cycles. The equipment will be installed in several sites in the Middle East including Syria as well as Riyadh and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia with the main logistical hub based in Dubai.

"Our vision for NDigitec is to become market leader in the Middle East. "EskoArtwork has been most professional. They have done a lot of work to ensure that we have the tools and technology to grow our business," says Vatche Kavlakian, General Manager of NDigitec. "This is a huge operation for us. We are focused on taking advantage of the latest technology and the internet to maximize our service offering. Our strategy is to run our trade shops as a service business and that the secret is to offer the highest quality product and top level customer service. We have a vision to create a complete prepress supply chain throughout this geography and with the EskoArtwork tools we have the perfect opportunity to do this and serve our community."

EskoArtwork tools enable growth
Digitec started in the mid 90's in Syria working as a general trade shop. The company now focuses specifically on the Flexo and Packaging business. In 2004, Digitec entered a partnership with NAMMA to become NDigitec and selected Dubai as the logistical hub for its business. To establish the new company and supply the entire Middle East with prepress, NDigitec has built the centre of its operation in the International Production Zone in Dubai. The company's business model is to integrate all skills, asset management and delivery services centrally whilst setting up several production sites strategically placed in Saudi Arabia and Syria as well as the United Arab Emirates. NDigitec is in the process of setting up the third production plant in Syria and Vatche Kavlakian explains that "depending on volume, NDigitec hope to have seven production sites in operation by 2012".

"Step by step, our business is improving since our expansion and our vision is materializing," continues Vatche Kavlakian. "In terms of flexo technology, the EskoArtwork technology is very exciting. Our business strategy is now focused on the packaging market and we see flexo as a critical prepress field. EskoArtwork's tools are sophisticated but simple to use. WebCenter for example is helping us to communicate with our clients. We can offer them increased efficiencies in the approval cycle and up-to-the minute status reports. We are also committed to supporting brand owners by helping them to handle and improve their media assets. We are continually looking for new ideas to help our customers and consistently striving to improve quality levels of customer service."

Strategic Supply Chain in the Middle East
NDigitec's business model is both innovative and straightforward. All enquiries go into NDigitec in Dubai. Orders are then sent to the nearest production plant in the region. This offers the fastest turnaround time and guarantees efficiency and a reliable high quality result. To maximize and improve quality, NDigitec focused on the details of the supply chain and production operation within their trade shop and prepress service. EskoArtwork's CDI digital flexo imaging technology with HD Flexo will help guarantee the printer high quality plates every time.

"Not only are we able to offer high quality products, EskoArtwork software solutions are helping us to complete our dreams in terms of professionalism," concludes Shahe Kavlakian Production Manager. "In terms of communication with our customers in the Middle East, we are able to provide the professional sophisticated service that our clients deserve. We can see already a significant difference in their approach to us. EskoArtwork is the company to guide us and take us into the position we dream about - of being market leader in the Middle East."