Eminence Business Media

Eminence Business Media

Friday, October 22, 2010


Rotoflex, a global leader of inspection/rewind equipment unveiled its latest and most advanced motion control system last month. The Genesis advanced control system is a one-of-a-kind touch screen system designed with multiple integrated features including variable and multi-shape label inspection, intuitive defect management, advanced missing label and matrix detection and full compatibility with other in-plant job management systems.  

Genesis boasts 300 times faster processing speeds than its URC predecessor. This real-time, high speed processor will handle many critical functions simultaneously without slowing or changing speed of production. The advanced system can not only identify defects within a stream of a single label or image shape, but independent lane configuration provides the converter the ability to run multiple sizes and shapes of labels on one roll, detecting defects regardless of label contour, size or color. Coupled with missing label and matrix detection capabilities, the system provides more consistency and higher quality response through repeatable settings, transferrable to other Rotoflex models in the operation.

In addition to a variety of reporting options including tracking each user input and machine event with time-stamp resolution, operators will find the system extremely friendly with instant access to user manuals and videos through the high-resolution HMI. Setups are quick and easy due to automatic repeat detection and sensor calibration.

"The Genesis control system has dramatically enhanced the performance of Rotoflex equipment," states Kevin Gourlay, Rotoflex worldwide sales manager. "Operators will experience a completely new level of capability with simple, intuitive controls. Converters will find improved waste reduction and increased response time and accuracy."