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Eminence Business Media

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


On 9 November 2010, FINAT is going to tap from the source of the beer market by organizing a special Label Printer Forum around Brau Beviale in Nuremberg. Label printers will not only have the opportunity to hear from expert speakers and direct contacts with end-users the latest trends and developments in the beer/beverage sector; they will also be able to visit the exhibition. The event that will be held at Park Inn Hotel, Sandstrasse, Nuremberg is open to all FINAT converter members and is free of charge. Seats for this meeting will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

While Corey Reardon / Bill Llewellyn of AWA Alexander Watson Associates will speak on the End-user trends and requirements in the beverage sector, Jantien Brugmans, Claesens of Cartils (NL) will share his insights on “Labels in the beer brand strategy”. Paul Jarvis of 4impression will speak on “The versatility of self-adhesive labels for the beer sector”, Mark Ruijgrok of Avery Dennison Roll Materials Europe will throw more light on Materials/application speed and how to grow your beer business – with an insight from the marketplace. The event will be concluded with a presentation by Detlev Machei of Novamelt who will speak on “Wash off” before being rounded off with a Round Table Discussion that will be moderated by Dr. Harnisch Verlag, Communications Director - Simon Reay.

Conducted by the Finat Label Printer Forum, this Forum aims to provide an open platform where label printers from different countries meet to discuss and benchmark common management problems and solutions. The idea is to organise two or three meetings per year each focusing on one specific theme (lean management, succession, young executives education, exports, waste management etc.). Meetings are held in accordance with the 'weight watchers' principle: participants should bring in an open mind and be prepared to share ideas and solutions at the meeting with the other participants. The Label Printer Forum (LPF) are chaired by the Vice President of FINAT. Meetings of the LPF will be linked to the meetings of the FINAT Board, allowing participants to provide direct feedback and input to the FINAT Board on other topics relevant to label printers