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Eminence Business Media

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Producing a cost effective mailer requires a system that can be configured to meet your production needs. From the simplest of jobs to one that requires labeling, ink jet printing, individual tracking, taping, wafer sealing, and inserting, the producer requires a system that they can both start and grow with. Enter the Kluge MailFold automatic folding and gluing system.

Based on Kluge’s modular folding and gluing technology, the Kluge MailFold is designed and configured pecifically with mailing applications in mind. Because of its modular construction, the Kluge MailFold can be configured to produce a wide variation of finished products. Typical finished mailers include multi-panel pieces with return envelopes, CD/DVD jackets, individually addressed mailers with tipped on inserts, gift card packaging and much more.

President of Brandtjen & Kluge Inc., Hank Brandtjen, says “the Kluge MailFold System is unique in that Kluge, together with third party vendors, can configure the most advanced of systems that can include ink jet printing generated by a unique data base, combined with tracking and inspecting capabilities, as well as diversion and rejection capabilities”.

What is the ideal MailFold configuration for you? Customers work closely with Kluge's sales and engineering departments to evaluate markets and finished products to determine what capabilities the end user is looking for. As demands change, because the MailFold is modular in construction, installed machines can be easily added to, thereby increasing their capabilities.

Equally important is the quality of manufacturing and support. Kluge has been manufacturing equipment for the printing market for over 90 years. From their founding in 1919, Kluge has built its reputation on manufacturing equipment that is both durable and designed to meet the demands of an ever changing market. Post sales is equally important and Kluge offers world wide service and support.

The Kluge MailFold automatic folding and gluing system. Put Kluge’s experience to work for you and produce what your customers are looking for.

Brandtjen & Kluge, Inc. is a US manufacturer of reliable, high-quality print finishing equipment. The Kluge line of equipment includes platen and vertical style foil stamping, embossing and die cutting presses, and multi-function and high-speed straight-line folding and gluing equipment.