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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Europe Match GmbH, Europe’s largest producer of advertising matches, recently selected EskoArtwork’s ArtiosCAD packaging software and Kongsberg XE10 cutting table to speed up production of its product samples. Combining the world’s most popular structural design software with the best-in-class cutting table, Europe Match now produces high quality samples, which are 100% identical to the final product, within hours. The EskoArtwork technology, renowned in the market for its accuracy and precision, is also used during the pre-production phase to create files for plate layouts and die tooling.
Producing over 1 million match boxes per day, Europe Match GmbH is Europe’s largest manufacturer of promotional (advertising) matches. While its headquarters are based in Germany, the company’s mass-production facilities are located in Szeged, Hungary, which operates around the clock to meet the demand for the company’s products. With a clear focus on quality and customer service, the company prides itself on reacting fast to the needs of its customers. The investment in EskoArtwork’s technology reinforces this successful strategy, enabling the company to deliver samples of customized products within extremely short time frames. 35% of the project value was financed by EU, with reference number GOP -2.1.1-09/A/2-2009-0338
The Perfect Match
“In today’s competitive environment fast reaction to customer’s requests is critical,” explains  Szabolcs Nagy , IT Manager at Europe Match GmbH. “We’re seeing an increasing demand for customized shapes and formats and it’s imperative to demonstrate what you can offer - quickly. First, we use ArtiosCAD to create a 3D virtual model of the match box - complete with graphics - which is sent to the customer as a 3D PDF file. The Kongsberg table enables us to follow up immediately with a high-quality physical model which is 100% identical to the final product. Because there’s no manual cutting or expensive dies, this is an extremely fast process and customers can immediately see - and feel - what they will get. This makes it really easy for them to make a decision.” 
Pre-manufacturing tasks
The EskoArtwork solution is not only a powerful marketing tool for Europe Match; it also plays an important role in optimizing the production process. “Once the order is taken we then proceed to set up for mass production,” continues Mr.  Nagy . “We use the layout and tooling features in ArtiosCAD to create plate layouts and die-tooling. The Intelligent Layout module automatically works out the optimum layouts for lowest cost - ensuring the most efficient use of raw material. With the DieMaker module we can quickly create quality die boards and coating blankets from a sheet layout for both flat and rotary dies,” adds Mr.  Nagy .
Kongsberg XE10 cutting table
The Kongsberg XE10 is a small-format dieless digital table for cutting and creasing folding carton boxes. Featuring a servo system with accelerations up to 1.2G, resolution of 0.005mm and repeatability of 20µm, the table operates at lightning speed while maintaining perfect precision. With a work area of 800mm x 1100mm (31.5″ x 43.3″), the Kongsberg XE10 can accept material as large as 900mm x 1200mm (35.4″ x 47.2″).
The table comes with a range of expandable tooling options including a pressure controlled, high-precision kiss-cutting knife tool, reciprocating knife tool for corrugated and foam board, static knife tool for solid materials and a crease tool for packaging materials. The Kongsberg XE10 can process a wide range of packaging materials including folding carton, single flute corrugated board and synthetic materials such as polypropylene.
ArtiosCAD packaging software
EskoArtwork’s ArtiosCAD is recognized as the world’s most popular CAD software for packaging. Designed specifically for packaging professionals, ArtiosCAD delivers a true end-to-end packaging design workflow with full integration between structural design, graphic design and packaging production. The “round trip” design connectivity with Adobe  Illustrator  enhances productivity and communication between structural and graphic designers. Complete 3D integration within ArtiosCAD enables quick prototyping of designs and reduces design review time cycles considerably. The same structural design assets produced in ArtiosCAD can also be used to create files for die-tooling and step-and-repeat layouts for printing.