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Eminence Business Media

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Pantec GS Systems Rhino integrated in Nilpeter MO 4
Pantec GS Systems now enjoys high interest for greater efficiency in the finishing process also in the American market. Pantec that has found the tremendous interest for higher efficiency in the finishing process confirmed since Label Expo Americas 2010 as utility and payback dominate over a straight investment perspective.

Peter Frei, CEO of Pantec GS Systems, surmises that the reason for the high demand lies in a long existing latent requirement, which high performance machines can now finally satisfy: ìHot foil embossing on open, textured papers was until now clearly the bottleneck in in-line production with production speeds of maximum 30 and 40 m/min. In the absence of alternatives, there was no possibility to work efficiently either in-line or off-line."

Frei observes that printing professionals, based on the performance of systems provided by Pantec GS Systems, immediately recognize the new possibilities. "The capacity of the RHINO hot foil relief embossing system and the CHEETAH hologram insetter allow in-line production in a single process. This increases the efficiency of the entire production process enormously." The high production speed of up to 80m/min on textured or 120m/min on smooth materials increases the entire line's output and makes it possible to realize enormous savings: "Less expensive foils and tools used in flat embossing and the foil saver technology increase the margin over and above the gain in efficiency remarkably", explained Frei.
Many of the printing professionals specialized in label printing seen at the Label Expo Americas have shown themselves ready to embark into the future. "It was great at the convention to sense the optimism and the enthusiasm of the visitors for greater efficiency in in-line production. The printing professionals are looking intensely for opportunities to sustainably improve their efficiency." Many decision makers are forward-looking and put process cost considerations ahead of a straight investment perspective. "The printing professionals see a central opportunity in the increased efficiency to compensate for sinking margins and are excited that a quantum leap is now possible with Pantec GS Systems", according to Frei and he points out that the utility provided by Pantec GS Systems machine systems goes far beyond the efficiency criteria and savings potential: "The 3D embossing patterns exhibited at our stand, with their increased brilliance, have shown wine label printers that they can go into new, attractive terrain. Even multi-coloured designs can be embossed in a single process with several foils on a RHINO. The ability with RHINO to be able to offer both enormous increases in efficiency and valuable ways to differentiate have excited the printing professionals".
Pantec GS Systems sees the high interest already confirmed by concrete investments. The good number of orders received by Pantec GS Systems clearly shows the need in the printing market for high performance finishing systems.