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Saturday, October 9, 2010


With just over two weeks to go until the South China Label Show starts on the 25 October at the Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Centre, the industry is gearing up for the most important and must attend industry event in the region. There has been a strong industry demand for this new show with a very high visitor pre-registration, which is increasing on a daily basis.

Industry leaders are bringing working machinery to the show with Xeikon bringing its Xeikon 3500 press, Synatax (Nipson) is bringing its new machine, Zhe Jiang Wei Gang Machinery Co., Ltd is bringing three working presses: the PS ZX-320, the ZBS-320, and the WQM 320G, Sanki Machinery Co Ltd is bringing its latest label machine and Hangzhou Toka Ink Chemical Co Ltd will be presenting new ink solutions at the show.

The conference program will cover many new and debatable issues, with carefully selected speakers, including brand owners, environmental experts, key suppliers and illustrated customer case studies. Twelve comprehensive sessions, including sessions from HP, Avery and their customers, will run over the three days with the keynote presentation being delivered by Ilkka Ylipoti, VP Asia Pacific of UPM Raflatac. This session will look in detail at the global trends of the industry and the current position of the Chinese printing industry, the market forecasts and trends throughout China, it will give an analysis on the region’s use of technology and also an analysis of markets and applications (self-adhesive labels, sleeve labels, heat-transfer labels, flexible packing, cartons, tubes), as well as covering other subjects.

Topics for the other conference sessions will include:
  • Digital label printing – State of the art and digital solutions - this session will give a comprehensive explanation of the digital technologies: inkjet, liquid and dry toner. It will also look at how to integrate digital and conventional technologies and how to use digital technology to enhance a brand.
  • Environmental solutions for the label industry in China - some of the questions that will be answered in this session include: ‘What is the environmental strategy of the Chinese government in areas such as carbon emissions?’, ‘Liner and matrix waste recycling – an important issue in China?’, and ‘What are the main environmental standards recognized by the Chinese government and by end users in China?’.
  • Anti counterfeiting solutions and security - this session will look at measuring the scale of counterfeiting in China, protecting inkjet systems, security inks (including: photochromic ink and UV fluorescent inks) and a case study to demonstrate combating pharmaceutical counterfeiting.
  • Brand owners/converters - the session will explore what Chinese brand owners are looking for from printers, what the opportunities are for brands using digital printing,  give an analysis on brand protection and counterfeiting in China and what the solutions are, and also look at smart label solutions – can printers make profits from RFID and smart label technology? 
At the beginning of the show the opening ceremony which will be held in a specially built conference theatre on the show floor. There will be introductions from global experts who are key industry figures. The contemporary ceremony has been designed to reflect the rapidly advancing nature of the market in South China and should not be missed by all those who are attending.

John Davy, Show Director for the South China Label Show said: "The South China Label Show has been very well received by the industry with exhibitor numbers and visitor pre-registration already exceeding expectations. We have noticed a distinct interest from digital players as well as a strong line up of conventional technology providers and material and consumable suppliers. With the 12 specifically selected conference topics, we have a comprehensive and highly educational seminar program which will illustrate a number of practical case studies which will be complemented by the most recent global and Chinese market statistics. We look forward to seeing you there."