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Eminence Business Media

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Euro Plus, a recognized innovation leader in AIDC solutions, proudly announces the availability of NiceLabel Portal – a true Web-based label printing solution that supports centralized online label printing. Abandoning desktop printing applications and distributing the labeling process online ensure consistent and dependable formats of all labels in the enterprise environment.

The inspiration for the product came from a manufacturer in the aerospace industry who desperately needs every item they handle properly marked from the moment they receive it to the day it's shipped to the customer. Any part without identification needs to be thrown away.
“This customer of ours was proud of how they managed marking within their facilities with NiceLabel products. They were frustrated as they could not convince their suppliers to do the same,” recalled Marko Vrbnjak, NiceLabel Product Manager.

Talking to existing customers and partners to piece together a solution for such cases, it was soon identified that supplier labeling was a major pain point in much of the retail and manufacturing markets. Increasingly, interviews and meetings ended with a wishful idea of the equivalent of the popular NiceForm application which would require only a Web browser to run.

"We had a successful desktop product and, we had the technology that allowed printing over the internet, but required programming. Looking back, it seemed logical to put the two technologies together," said Andrej Zrimšek, R&D director at Euro Plus.

Marko added: "The simplicity of this solution never ceases to amaze me. More importantly, it amazes the customers and partners."

NiceLabel Portal allows the user to simply click a Web link and print a label. There is no need for a desktop installation, studying standards and label requirements, using a sophisticated designer interface to print, etc. The simplicity of the process is what drives supplier compliance, and when it's easier for a vendor to print a new label than to resist changing his routine, the ground work for a highly efficient system is set.

"I'm proud that our team again proved that costly and difficult challenges can be faced with very elegant solutions," concluded Matej Košmrlj, the managing director at Euro Plus.

Euro Plus is one of the world's major software and service providers in the area of Automatic Identification and Data Collection. The company is recognized for its state of the art labeling software and true Windows drivers for thermal printers. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, SAP Certified Partner and Oracle Certified Partner, Euro Plus presents a perfect business opportunity for all companies searching for a highly capable and reliable partner for future business.

NiceLabel is a family of professional labeling software products that provide a complete bar code printing solution to desktop and enterprise users. NiceLabel consists of three major product series:
Standard Series – NiceLabel product series for barcode and RFID label design, printing and entry-level integration.
Enterprise Series – NiceLabel product series for centralized printing system management and integrated high-volume printing
Developer Series – NiceLabel product series for software publishers and system integrators
NiceLabel is translated in 27 languages. Its power is unleashed in combination with over 1500 true Windows thermal printer drivers. Carefully and creatively designed user interface, rich integration options and unique data-entry application provide the quickest and the most productive label design and printing options.