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Thursday, October 21, 2010


Servo 3000 Digital Infeed + Re-register system on a Nilpeter press
Confused about press upgrades? With the addition of the Servo 3000 Digital Infeed + Re-register system made by Rotary Technologies, a printer can greatly enhance press performance. In many ways an old press will work like new and for a fraction of the cost of a new press. With the Servo 3000 the printer can re-register the web. He can print additional passes instead of one. That means unlimited colors. The Servo 3000 press upgrade reliably results in less wasted material on each printing job. In many ways the Servo 3000 simply makes an older flexo press act like new. Here is an example of what we are talking about. All parts of a press are geared together, start together, stop together, and change speed together. Right? Then why should the press experience any material waste aside from the initial setup? It is because the web is not always doing what the press is doing!

There can be waste of material during make-ready. There can be running waste because of floating registration. There can be hundreds of feet of wasted material used up with starts and stops to regain registration after stoppage or web splices. These problems are all attributable to web tension. The old saying is that if you take care of the pennies the dollars take care of themselves. Taking care of web tension issues saves material and money on every run, sometimes several times a run. Taking care of web tension issues with the Servo 3000 turns those regained pennies into dollars in your pocket with the revolutionary Servo 3000.

Another example is the flexibility, as well as reliability, that use of the Servo 3000 allows. Because the Servo 3000 uses digital material settings repeatability is simple. Because of the light tension settings of the Servo 3000 an older standard label press can run thin, filmic materials, increasing its usability and flexibility.

How does the Servo 3000 do this?
The Servo 3000 Digital Infeed + Re-register system uses a proprietary algorithm to precisely meter materials into the press, taking into account the elastic properties of the web. The Servo 3000 maintains web tension by forcing the web to do exactly when the press does in its timing and speed as well as acceleration and deceleration. This is where basic tension systems fail. They are not dynamic enough to precisely match real running conditions of the press.

Adding the advanced Servo 3000 to an old press filters web properties and breaks a single press revolution into millions of parts. The Servo 3000 meters the web, following individual parts with digital accuracy. Adding the Servo 3000 to an older press can make the press perform like new and even better. With the revolutionary Servo 3000 Digital Infeed + Re-register system the web never loses sight of what the press is doing, during each and every tiny fraction of a press revolution.

Benefits of the Servo 3000
The benefits of the Servo 3000 Digital Infeed + Re-register system are truly endless. The Servo 3000 Digital Re-register system adds greater value to manufactured products, enabling the manufacturer to find new market niches.
  • Introduce a second web registered to the first, add more colors, perforations or die cuts, or add RFID tags to a pre-printed web. This can be achieved with the highest degree of accuracy at full press speed.
  • The Servo 3000 Digital Infeed + Re-register system is 100% portable creating greater flexibility in the manufacturing process. The Servo 3000 is easily moved from one press to another or to other offline applications in a matter of minutes.
  • A plus feature on the Servo 3000 is that there are no mechanical modifications needed for either press or offline finishing equipment. The Servo 3000 is "plug and play" any where in the world right, out of the box.
  • The Servo 3000 Digital Re-register system is unmatched, built to last and to be used everyday in manufacturing.
  • "Icon Driven" operator menus are precise with many presets - truly making the Servo 3000 the easiest to use in our industry