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Eminence Business Media

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


HP recently announced that Label Art has invested in an HP Indigo press ws4500 to increase its digital capacity, becoming the first company in Ireland with two HP Indigo ws4000 series presses. Installed in LA Digital's recently extended premises, which has been custom-built to house the new machine and its existing HP Indigo press ws4050, the company made the move into digital printing five years ago, purchasing Ireland's first HP Indigo press ws4050 and establishing its dedicated LA Digital service.

Label Art, a market leading label converter with broad technical capabilities, based in Dublin, was founded in 1981, to serve the export market. It specialises in producing a range of applications including security and self-adhesive labels for its blue-chip customers from the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, food and beverage industries. The service has been so successful that in August it installed a second digital press, an HP Indigo press ws4500, to cater for the high demand

"We have found that since 2006 our digital service has really taken off and we had reached our capacity limit with just the one press," said Gerard Molloy, sales director, Label Art. "High-productivity is vital in helping us meet our customer's requirements and deadlines. Our new HP Indigo ws4500 will help us meet these demands, running at jobs of up to 2,000 linear metres. The second press also provides us with a contingency in the unlikely event of a press failure, which is a requirement of our customers. In addition it features on-press fast ink replacement, which is very easy and will significantly reduce downtime during ink changeovers."

For high application versatility, the HP Indigo press ws4500 can print onto a wide range of substrates including paper, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, PET, self-adhesive label stock and films, between 12-350 microns. In addition, Label Art's HP Indigo press ws4500 offers seven-colour printing for enhanced print quality and to achieve a broad colour gamut for the matching of brand and corporate colours. The press's combination of flexibility and optimum print quality allows Label Art to respond in an adaptable way to its customers' requests.

"As a company we pride ourselves on being at the leading edge technology and innovation and we wanted any new investment to reflect this," said Molloy. "The print-quality produced by our HP Indigo presses is exceptional and is, in our opinion, better than conventional. We are so confident about the quality, we combine our digital process with our conventional print technologies to add value to items produced. A typical example would be the printing of variable data coding, which is perfect for adding security features to labels."