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Eminence Business Media

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Konica Minolta, more known in the graphic arts business for its electro-photograpy solutions, also has a large inkjet division. Its new label printer using UV curable cationic ink, underlines the company's commitment to this technology, reports an official press release.

Konica Minolta's label printing system consists of an inkjet print unit SP-L2130, a drop-on-demand system which prints in single pass on labels, plastics and much more. The system has a maximum printing width of 214 mm and prints in black onto label substrates such as e.g. coated and non-coated paper, plastics (PET etc). It prints with UV Curable Cationic Ink in blck which is available in 1-l-containers. The UV-curing unit uses a Metal Halide Lamp, 160W/cm or more.

The achievable resolution in paper width direction is 360dpi, in paper transport direction it can be chosen between 180dpi, 270dpi, 360dpi (Standard), 450dpi and 540dpi. The speed is currently 30 m/min at 360 dpi and in future expected to be much faster, as Akiyoshi Oono, President of Konica Minolta IJ Technologies from Tokyo, Japan, explains.

It comes with a USB2.0-Interface and can be implemented into existing systems as well as new systems to be developed. "What we provide is “printing unit” (including Head-array, Ink-supply system, Driving board, Cleaning mechanism, etc.) which is to be integrated into/onto any web transport or sheet feed system", Akiyoshi Oono explains further. The solution is not only suited for label applications but also print applications in many different kinds of printers.