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Friday, October 22, 2010


The soaring growth of national economy, rapid development of various industries, enterprises’ increasing demands on packaging quality standard and technical innovations in China have brought huge opportunities to the self-adhesive label market. At present, growth rate of global demand on label is 3-6%. Due to the boost in national economy, China is seen as the consumer market with the largest potential in label industry development in the world. According to the current statistics label consumption per-capita in China is only 10% of that in European and American market, indicating a strong vitality and development potential of the future label market in China.

Nowadays, labels are widely applied in various industries, in which the development of self-adhesive labels in different industries is outstanding with its unique advantages and innovative techniques. Self-adhesive label industry is predicted to undergo a dramatic development on five major industries in China, which include daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, food & beverage and tire & lubricant industry.

Statistics shows that Guangdong Province not only occupies almost 70% of daily chemical production in China, but is also recognized as the major manufacturer and exporter of food & beverage industry of China, where beverage, bakery products, health-care products and condiments have been sustaining a leading position in the international market; comprising Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou, Foshan and Zhongshan, electronics industry has taken shape as one of the pillar industries in Guangdong as well as a famous electronics information industry hallway; In 2009, biopharmaceutical industry in Guangdong achieved a splendid production growth with a of 48% on biological product  upon the previous year, exports value has increased by more than seven times whereas pharmaceutical industry has grown by 18.3% on its production, ranking the third nationwide position.

Rapid development on label application in different markets has brought to the label industry in Guangdong a bright prospect, driven a huge demand on advanced label materials and printing equipment by enterprises of both label and package printing industries in South China. Jointly organized by China Foreign Trade Centre (Group) and Hong Kong Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd, The China International Exhibition on Label Printing Technology” (namely Sino-Label 2011) is the earliest and only large-scale label printing exhibition in South China that specializes purely on label printing technology. , which was held just right  to present state-of-art domestic and foreign technology on label printing, rotary printing, and label printing materials & equipment for  the enormous label market. Sino-Label 2011 will be grandly held at the China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex (Area A) in Guangzhou on March 9-11, 2011.

Authoritative Suppliers Bring Up a Specialized Label Exhibition
Exhibitor recruitment of Sino-Label 2011 is approaching the epilogue. Renowned suppliers including Taiyo, Lintec (Japan), Labelmen (Taiwan), ETI, Nuova GIDUE, Avery Dennison, UPM, Dowell, Haotian, ZhongTian, Taihang, Wangjie, Nickel, WeiGang, Wan Hong, Brotech, Zhong Tian Hongda, Hexiang, Label Long, H.Shine, Mitsa, Xinhao Adhesive, ZhongShan Fuzhou, Moma, Colamark, BST, LECCO, Soontomax, Rotary, Unilux and so on, have enthusiastically confirmed their participations. Most of them have been supporting Sino-Label for many years and are deeply impressed with effect of the exhibition and professionalism of the organizer. The Sino-Label 2011 will gather 200 local & overseas exhibitors. Together with the concurrent exhibition - The 18th Printing South China, number of exhibitors is expected to reach a breakthrough of over 900 in total.

In order to motivate development of label industry in China, the organizer endeavors to extend its promotion coverage to the whole label, printing & packaging industry through buyer services enhancement, which include inviting professional media and associations, bringing quality suppliers to the buyers, as well as organizing high-end forums on the latest industry topics. Sino-Label strives to be the flagship of the label industry in South China and even the whole China.

High Recognition from Trade Associations
The previous Sino-Label in 2010 received enthusiastic responses from visitors and trade media, over 60 local & overseas associations and official organizations came to visit and purchase, more than 100 media have given a detailed report and positive praises for the exhibition. Famous printing enterprises include Guangzhou Fungchoi, Jinjia Color Printing, Nine Stars, Toppan Printing, Shenzhen Yaqi, Dongguan Yifeng, China Publishing Group, Zhifeng and Prosperous Group, etc have come to visit and purchase at the show. Just as always, Sino-Label 2011 will forge the most powerful strategic combination with associations, media and official organization, to further expand coverage and strengthen publicity work, at the same time invite strong buyers with purchase intention. Sino-Label 2011 is foreseen to be shaped as the leading trading platform of label industry in China.

The organizer of Sino-Label 2011 have put great effort to invite and cooperate with a number of printing and packaging associations and enterprises from different cities & provinces in China, including Guangdong Anti-counterfeit Association, Shenzhen Anti-counterfeit Association, Committee of Guangzhou Packaging & Printing Association, Fujian Provincial Packaging Decorating Printing Association, Rotogravure Division of The Printing Technology Association of China, Shantou Jinping Printing Chamber of Commerce, as well as provincial printing industry associations in Beihai, Guangdong Heshan, Guangdong Jiangmen, Guangxi Nanning, Guangdong Shaoguan, Hebei Hengshui, Jiangxi, Quanzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Yulin, Zhaoqing; and packaging & printing associations in Foshan Nanhai, Guangzhou, Shunde, Zhongshan and so on. As an UFI approved event on international printing & packaging industry, the 4 shows aggregate for an extensive showcase that covers the whole industry chain of label, printing, publishing and packaging altogether.

For enquiries, please contact (Local) Ms. Sally Ou Yang at tel: 86-755-88265635; (Overseas) Ms. Celine To at tel.: 852-25163371, fax: 852-516 5024, or email at: pfp@adsale.com.hk. In alternative, please visit the show website at: www.SinoLabelExpo.com.