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Eminence Business Media

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Automated ink logistics are an essential component of a cost-conscious, sustainable printing operation that meets the global brand-owners' demands for quality consistency and responsiveness. This is especially the case when complex spot colours are required for a unique brand identity.

GSE Dispensing's gravimetric, automated ink dispensing solutions empower printers to prepare the precise colour quality, to the exact volume requirements, on demand. "Our technology offers numerous benefits besides equipping printers to meet the global brand owners' demands for total colour consistency," explains GSE's senior sales manager Johan Kerseboom, who is set to speak on the topic of ink logistics at the Asian Flexographic Technical Association's flexible packaging and labelling conference in Jakarta, Indonesia, November 18 - 19. "It removes the risk of printing rejects during production, reduces ink waste, and minimises the chance of press down-time as workflow bottle necks at ink-mixing stage are avoided. Furthermore, procurement costs can be reduced by as much as 25 percent because the need to outsource ink mixing operations to external sources is eliminated."

At the AFTA event's exhibition, GSE Dispensing will present its range of options under its Smart (th)inking theme. The Dutch company offers a wide range of modular gravimetric ink and paste dispensing systems, tailored to the individual needs of the graphics and textile printer. The Colorsat Match dispenser is ideal for label printing applications, enables clean, fast and waste-free recipe preparation in batches of 1 to 5 kg. Others in the range include the Slim and Compact systems that handle larger volume requirements required in flexible packaging or board printing situations.

Typically, volume requirements for the most challenging recipes are dispensed to an accuracy of one gram. Dispensing time takes between two and four minutes, depending on the system. Excess ink from a print run is easily reused, located and retrieved from stock, for easy reuse in future jobs. Some customers have boosted ink yields by as much as 30 percent, thanks to GSE Dispensing's technology. A high-powered software platform, IMSTM, whose time-saving features include management tools such as stock control, ink consumption analysis, recasting and traceability of ink ingredients by batch, as required in pharmaceutical and food packaging applications.

GSE Dispensing has a network of local distributors, such as Techno Global Graphics in South East Asia and International Caliber in India, who can provide expert technical support at short notice, in the local language. Also, remote diagnostics, to proactively resolve any issues with dispensing system software via internet, are provided around the clock from the GSE headquarters. Since it was founded in 1974, the company has achieved over 1400 installations world-wide.