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Eminence Business Media

Monday, October 25, 2010


Yupo, the largest manufacturer of synthetic papers in the Western Hemisphere, has introduced a new security product for the label market: YUPO Security Grade. As the world’s leading IML substrate provider, Yupo’s tamper evident label substrate can help brand managers and product developers gain advantage over competitors in the marketplace.

“When your product security requires more than just ‘V-O-I-D’, you need our Yupo Security Grade IML substrate, said Bill Hewitt, marketing manager for Yupo. For anti-counterfeit and anti-shoplift labels, tamper-proof applications or even non-reproducible couponing options, YUPO Security Grade gives makers more flexibility.”

What’s more, Hewitt said, this security product continues Yupo’s commitment to sustainability and waste-reduction qualities. The way the label functions is that a top layer is de-laminated when the label is peeled-off, and a printed image layer remains on the surface of the product “Chief among YUPO Security Grade’s advantages is its design-free construction allows printing on both sides,” Hewitt explained. The product is non-sticky after it’s peeled-off and won’t allow re-application once removed, Hewitt said. Reverse printed images will appear on the remaining layer after the top section is removed, yet the remaining layer itself is not easily removed. Hewitt said. “Many customers don’t know that Yupo can help on the R & D side of the equation, too.” 

Hewitt described Yupo Security Grade as an example of the company’s commitment to developing new YUPO grades to meet the needs of new applications. "This year, tamper-evident labeling is emerging as an important segment in the label market and is used in many ways to avoid counterfeit products and protect shipments of value added goods," he added.