Pharma Impurity Conclave 2023

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Schreiner ProSecure now offers another solution which reliably indicates tampering with PIN mailers: the PIN VoidMultiColor-Label. The multi-colored edge of the label makes it nearly impossible to detach it and to read the secret data without the recipient noticing the tampering attempt.

Criminal attempts to gain access to bank or credit card accounts are continually increasing. To effectively thwart undetected PIN spying on confidential mailers, Schreiner ProSecure has extended its portfolio of security features for labels by a multi-colored edge in a PIN protection label: the PIN Void MultiColor-Label that comes with a void effect which is activated when the label is peeled off the substrate for the first time. The void effect consists of text or a pattern which is preserved even if the label is accurately re-positioned on the mailer to seal the PIN again. The multi-colored design of the label’s edge featuring luminous colors and color gradients makes it nearly impossible to conceal the void message or image again by re-coloring it. As additional security elements, the label has integrated cuttings which destroy it during a peel-off attempt, and a scratch-off hologram. The PIN Void MultiColor-Label can be customized in terms of size and visual design. It is suitable for use on all standard stationery and thus assures easy and low-cost processing.